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Sammy 1st Birthday

You might remember Sammy from a few months ago when I took the photos at his Dedication.  (View them here).

It was such an honour when Jerusha, his mom, asked me if I would be able to take the photos at his 1st Birthday.  What a great day it was.  His family went to great effort to make his day special and I loved the Toy Story theme that they chose.  This was the second time that I worked with this family and it was a great day indeed.  Who knows what we’ll do the next time?!

Albert and Jerusha, thank you so much for including me in your day, and for giving me this great opportunity – I hope you enjoy the photos!!

Sammy 1st-1

Sammy 1st-2
Sammy 1st-3
Sammy 1st-4
Sammy 1st-5
Sammy 1st-6
Sammy 1st-7
Sammy 1st-8
Sammy 1st-8

Sammy 1st-10
Sammy 1st-11
Sammy 1st-12
Sammy 1st-13
Sammy 1st-14
Sammy 1st-15
Sammy 1st-16
Sammy 1st-17
Sammy 1st-18
Sammy 1st-19
Sammy 1st-20
Sammy 1st-21
Sammy 1st-22
Sammy 1st-23
Sammy 1st-24
Sammy 1st-25

Juné Joubert - Anellie! dis pragtig! Hierdie fam is darem net special (:

Jeanne - seriously cute!

Marilize - Beautiful Anel!! Sammy raak net al hoe ouliker!

Nicola Taylor - Beautiful pics Anel!!! You have really captured the playful happy nature of what seems like a very special b-day for sammy. You are getting goooood girlfriend! x

Corne - Well done Anel!
dis baie baie mooi x

Vic - Dis huge!! Baie sterkte met jou eerste ‘eie’ shoot. Ciao, Dad xx

wil punt - Very naaais!

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