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Webersberg Wedding to remember

This was the first time I shot at Webersberg near Stellenbosch, hopefully not the last. This venue is nestled below the Stellenbosch and Helderberg Mountains and the scenery is made for a romantic wedding. This is exactly what Steve and Jess had on their picture perfect wedding day. Having only met this young and adventurous couple the week before their wedding, the pressure was on to perform at my best.

Thanks to an amazing group of friends and family I had the most enjoyable day, I enjoyed getting to know this couple and I hope our paths will cross again in the near future (although difficult as they will be moving to the U.K)

Thanks to Webersberg for the amazing venue!

Webersberg Wedding-1
Webersberg Wedding-2
Webersberg Wedding-3
Webersberg Wedding-4
Webersberg Wedding-5
Webersberg Wedding-6
Webersberg Wedding-7
Webersberg Wedding-8
Webersberg Wedding-9
Webersberg Wedding-10
Webersberg Wedding-11
Webersberg Wedding-12
Webersberg Wedding-13
Webersberg Wedding-14
Webersberg Wedding-15
Webersberg Wedding-16
Webersberg Wedding-17
Webersberg Wedding-18
Webersberg Wedding-19
Webersberg Wedding-20
Webersberg Wedding-21
Webersberg Wedding-22
Webersberg Wedding-23
Webersberg Wedding-24
Webersberg Wedding-25
Webersberg Wedding-26
Webersberg Wedding-27
Webersberg Wedding-28
Webersberg Wedding-29
Webersberg Wedding-30
Webersberg Wedding-31
Webersberg Wedding-32
Webersberg Wedding-33
Webersberg Wedding-34
Webersberg Wedding-35
Webersberg Wedding-36
Webersberg Wedding-37
Webersberg Wedding-38
Webersberg Wedding-39
Webersberg Wedding-40
Webersberg Wedding-41
Webersberg Wedding-42
Webersberg Wedding-43
Webersberg Wedding-44
Webersberg Wedding-45
Webersberg Wedding-46
Webersberg Wedding-47
Webersberg Wedding-48
Webersberg Wedding-49
Webersberg Wedding-50
Webersberg Wedding-51
Webersberg Wedding-52
Webersberg Wedding-53
Webersberg Wedding-54
Webersberg Wedding-55
Webersberg Wedding-56
Webersberg Wedding-57
Webersberg Wedding-58
Webersberg Wedding-59
Webersberg Wedding-60
Webersberg Wedding-61
Webersberg Wedding-62
Webersberg Wedding-63
Webersberg Wedding-64
Webersberg Wedding-65
Webersberg Wedding-66
Webersberg Wedding-67
Webersberg Wedding-68
Webersberg Wedding-69
Webersberg Wedding-70
Webersberg Wedding-71
Webersberg Wedding-72
Webersberg Wedding-73
Webersberg Wedding-74
Webersberg Wedding-75
Webersberg Wedding-76
Webersberg Wedding-77
Webersberg Wedding-78
Webersberg Wedding-79
Webersberg Wedding-80
Webersberg Wedding-81
Webersberg Wedding-82
Webersberg Wedding-83
Webersberg Wedding-84
Webersberg Wedding-85
Webersberg Wedding-86
Webersberg Wedding-87
Webersberg Wedding-88
Webersberg Wedding-89
Webersberg Wedding-90
Webersberg Wedding-91
Webersberg Wedding-92
Webersberg Wedding-93
Webersberg Wedding-94
Webersberg Wedding-95
Webersberg Wedding-96
Webersberg Wedding-97
Webersberg Wedding-98
Webersberg Wedding-99
Webersberg Wedding-100
Webersberg Wedding-101
Webersberg Wedding-102
Webersberg Wedding-103
Webersberg Wedding-104
Webersberg Wedding-105
Webersberg Wedding-106
Webersberg Wedding-107
Webersberg Wedding-108
Webersberg Wedding-109
Webersberg Wedding-110
Webersberg Wedding-111
Webersberg Wedding-112
Webersberg Wedding-113
Webersberg Wedding-114
Webersberg Wedding-115
Webersberg Wedding-116
Webersberg Wedding-117

Wil Punt - Good work Mr Brett!

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